Tobias’ first book exploring the strange and oversaturated realm of card magic… He believes magic should be modular in nature, pieces of a puzzle that slot together depending on the style and context of a performance you may find yourself in. Inside this book you’ll find over 30 tricks, ideas, moves, and hair-brained schemes to amuse and delight, ranging from commercially viable setpieces to late night magician foolers. 

This book is a veritable BRAIN DUMP of effects. Some are easy, some are hard, some are self-working, and others are mathematical. If you love strange ideas, intricate sleights and weird principles, this book has a little something for everyone. 

Covering nearly 300 pages and video tutorials for the more technically demanding tricks. 

Also included are three essays on the performance of card magic, the full work on some of Tobias’ most deceptive sleights (the Full Cover Dribble Pass and the Automatic Card Shift), and THE VAULT, over fifteen quick effects and fun methodological ideas. Go MODULAR today! You won’t regret it… 

“A cornucopia of new and novel ideas from outside the box, penned by a skilful aficionado of the pasteboards” 

- Roger Curzon -