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  Welcome to another episode of the Monkeys Diary!   It's been a while since we last touched base, and we've got plenty to catch up on. So, grab yourself a cup of coffee (or a beer), get comfortable, and join us for another exciting year filled with surprises!  Ps: We're kicking off the year with some gifts, so keep reading...  2023 in a nutshell!   Amidst conventions, book launches, travels, flights, TVs, radios, and even an unexpected nail in Victor's hand, boredom hasn't found its way to us! So, before unveiling some of the projects destined for 2024, let's take a moment to reflect on the highlights of 2023.  In late January 2023, Thomas journeyed to Montreal for his inaugural lecture...

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  Welcome to this new episode of Journal des Monkeys! And as tradition dictates: Happy New Year 2023 ! Here we are again for a new year and we have quite a few surprises in store for you! Before revealing some projects that will see the light of day in 2023, we offer you a small retrospective of the year 2022.   2022 in brief!   The year 2022 has not been easy!     It all starts in January! It's already a race and we need to send the Unlock manuscript to print as quickly as possible! The release is scheduled for February 8 and with four weeks of production , the margin is quite low... We'll let you...

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Happy New Year 2022 🙉 Thank you for your trust throughout this year 2021! 🙉 🌟2021 in brief🌟 The year 2021 has been rich and dense, full of surprises, discoveries and emotion! Throughout this year, whether for books or our products for the stage, we have worked with determination and creativity on all of our projects with a single objective: to offer new, innovative and creative projects to the public. all of our customers! And we couldn't have done that without your support. THANKS ! Our adventure started in March 2021. Since then, 3 books have been published, 1500 prints, 3 mini films produced, two collaborations with artists (Guillaume Botta & Joseph B.), a 3rd prize at the FFAP French...

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