#5 - The Monkey Journal

Welcome to this new episode of Journal des Monkeys!

It has now been two weeks since the curtain fell on the FFAP congress in Troyes.

Between the installation on Thursday afternoon and the closing ceremony on Sunday, it's almost 4 days of hard work without much sleep (really not much...). Thank you to everyone who came to see us at the stand. We hope you enjoyed the demos from our two artists and the 3 monkeys!

Besides, a big thank you to Geoffrey Cheminot who provided continuous demos without ever complaining. We might as well tell you that we have never seen so many jump cuts in such a short time in our entire lives. His book Turnover is still available in stores [END OF AD]. Rest assured, we haven't heard the last of Geoffrey... Thanks also to Jordan Victoria who played along and wore his splitter artisan apron for the duration of the conference. Don't worry, the apron went straight into the machine when you got home!

The FFAP congress is above all an opportunity to meet our customers but also all our friends. We have put together a panel of the most beautiful photos from the conference (we'll spare you the photos from Saturday evening at 4 a.m.... believe us, it's for your own good!).

Thomas and Florian broke the bank at the conference and brought back some nuggets! First of all, the Luc Apers conference pack. But good ! With the conference notes, the book “The Professional” published by CC EDITION and the famous gimmick to force any side of a dice, it is by far the best purchase of the conference! Besides, if Florian had not bought the pack, Thomas would never have given in to temptation. So a big thank you to Flo for thinking about Thomas’ bank account! Back on topic. If you don't know Luc's work, here is the video of his show that he generously put on YouTube!

Thomas also had fun buying Joao Miranda's latest nugget: POV! A very practical gimmick which allows information written by the spectator to be taken. Here, no printing system or anything else. It's simple, effective and direct! In short, it’s validated by the entire team! And finally, we were able to discover the new book by Marchand De Trucs: DUVIVIER. A colorful book, sumptuous photos and good content! In short, if you like Dominique's magic, go for it! And you, what is the last magic nugget that you bought? Tell us by email: info@3monkeys-publishing.com

Finally, this congress was an opportunity to discover our brand new project: La Fabrique de Jordan Victoria. We've been talking to you about it for a few weeks, but this time it's done: our biggest project has seen the light of day! Consisting of a book, a deck of trick cards and a toolbox, all in a magnificent box, Jordan invites you into the wonderful world of Gimmick making. No more spending €50 on a gimmick card. After reading this book, you will be able to build them on your own and even develop your own ideas! Enough to make a great Christmas gift for all magic enthusiasts! So, isn't life beautiful?

Speaking of Christmas, the big date is approaching. And at the Monkeys, we love this period! Besides the fact that the performance calendar is full and you have to juggle the calendar to fit the last dates (you'll get there Flo...), this period is synonymous with gifts and sharing! For this occasion, we thought about organizing a large advent calendar. We will tell you more very soon, but we can already tell you that we are going to spoil you! So, stay tuned because the information arrives very quickly!


Thank you for reading us to the end and if you were at the conference, thank you again for stopping by to see us (if you weren't there, too bad for you! You missed our show on Sunday morning and we can help you say it was worth the detour!).

Ps: In reality, Thomas and Florian spent much more than that at the congress, but if we detailed the whole list, you would spend your evening reading this email... Thanks to Victor for not having bought anything (or almost nothing), it allowed us to save a few lines in this newsletter!  

See you later friends !

Team 3 Monkeys


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