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The Imaginary Whiteboard
The Imaginary Whiteboard
The Imaginary Whiteboard

By Thomas Riboulet

Imagine a card simply thought out by the spectator. Never announced out loud. She remains locked in his mind until the final revelation.

Then imagine a number announced by the spectator.

You take the game in stride from the beginning. You count to this number.

The spectator announces the name of his card for the first time: it is indeed the card he thought of.

Finally, you reveal that the spectator can only think about this card. You turn the deck over to reveal a completely white deck.

This whole description is true.

In Imaginary Whiteboard, Thomas reveals the finale of his conference for the first time. The routine described above works exactly like this.

Thomas goes into detail about each phase, explaining a version with a pre-show, and an equally extraordinary version without a pre-show. You will have access to presentation details, the entire script as well as variations. Thomas exploits a principle of mentalism published a few years ago to which he added several subtleties and a routine construction which masks the stratagem even better.

And the best for last: the routine is very simple to do!

PDF of 36 pages in French.

Writing and layout: Thomas Riboulet

Proofreading and correction: Agnès Colas



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