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Researcher Sandwich
Researcher Sandwich
Researcher Sandwich

By Robin Deville

You take the two black kings out of the game and leave them aside. A card is chosen by the spectator, memorized, then put back into the game (the 10 of hearts for example). The latter is turned face up, and the two black kings are inserted face down in the middle, and always protrude by half their length. The cards are spread out between the hands, and it is clear that nothing lies between the two kings. The deck is turned face down, the kings are equalized with the rest of the deck, and you spread the cards in a ribbon on the table, to show the two kings in the middle one last time, with nothing between them.

The ribbon is closed, and you perform a magic pass over the package. When you re-spread the deck on the table, a face down card appeared between the two black kings. These three cards are taken out of the ribbon, and the face down card is turned over: it is the 10 of hearts. You then take the two black kings and rub them on the surface of the 10 of hearts. When you turn them over, the kings have transformed into two more 10s. You then magically gesture from the deck to the case, and ask the spectator to take the last 10 out of that case.

12-page PDF in French.

Written by: Robin Deville
Layout: Thomas Riboulet
Proofreading and correction: Agnès Colas


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